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Instrumentos Marcas

Cable Fender Tweed Deluxe Series (3 m)

21,50 €

Cable Fender original series verde (3m)

11,50 €

Cable Fender Professional Seies (angulado)

18,00 €

Madera de abero seleccionado. Fondo y lados en caoba. Diapason de palorosa. Terminación en brillo.
Madera en tapa de tilo fondo y lados en tilo terminación brillo Ideal para cualquier nivel de aprendizaje Dimensiones: 100 x 37.5 x 10.5 cm Peso 3 kg.


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A user-friendly CD and book package, packed with riffs, licks & tricks you can learn now...and easily incorporate into your own playing style. This unique book and audio will inspire you to rebel against mainstream rock and experience a whole range o styles and unorthodox playing ideas developed over the last 40 years. From the beginnings of alternative rock in the 60s and punk and new-wave bands of the 70s, the illustrated text takes you through each decade, highlighting the changing styles ands which influenced generations of rock guitarists. Contents: A Whole Song; Alternative Rock Guitar; Conclusion; Discography; Further Reading; Guitar Tablature Explained; Introduction; The Eighties: The New Frontier; The Nineties: Grunge And Beyond; Tenties: Punk And New-wave; The Sixties: Plug In, Tune Up, Drop Out; What Is Alternative Rock Guitar?

Sax soprano (recto) SW-01
3.199,00 €

Sax alto plateado YANAGISAWA A-W-010
3.949,00 €

Saxofón sopranino SN-981
3.149,00 €

Amplificador a valvulas RH-50T HEAD

563,98 €